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Analysis and Design of Business Operations

Successfully managing a hospice agency involves a million moving parts with human resources, patient tracking, pre-billing activities, contracts, troubleshooting, supplies…the list is endless. Business office operations are the unseen gears that keep the agency moving. Managing all these moving parts is a challenging task because of highly volatile and fluid demand requirements. Failure to successfully run the agency’s office operations can lead to patient/employee dissatisfaction, loss of revenue, fragmentation and duplication of effort. Any weakness of a business office can easily reflect weaknesses in other operations.  

A knowledgeable and efficient office is the centerpiece of a successful hospice business

At Hospice Advantage Solutions, we live process improvement from the inside out. We empower our clients to tackle internal business operations by bringing functional expertise and providing the education and tools to succeed. Our approach is collaborative and always tailored to your specific needs. We don’t simply offer a one-size-fits-all packaged solution.


It begins with a holistic, unbiased view of your office operations. Together, we identify the strengths your agency already has – and how to carry them forward as you grow. At the same time, in whatever organizational challenges your company is facing, we bring an experienced perspective and the design and roll-out of a new strategy.

Business Office Operations Consulting Services We Offer:

  • Analysis of current office processes/systems

  • Collaborative design and implementation of solutions that standardize, simplify and create efficient office operations

  • Education to you and your staff

  • Supplementary handouts and forms

  • Written office procedures

  • Practical education on the use of your electronic medical record system

  • Setup of all office processes in a new agency

Invest in your business today. Provide a more satisfying experience for staff and patients. Gain and maintain control over your purchasing and billing process. Ensure regulatory compliance. Drive cohesion, integration and alignment of your mission and objectives. Let the experience of a consultant help your office become the “glue” of your organization. Call Hospice Advantage Solutions. 281-755-2273

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