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Documenting Medical Necessity

Medicare scrutiny has dramatically increased over the past year for hospices. We are tasked with proving medical necessity like never before. Our documentation must clearly articulate that a patient is terminally ill and requires hospice care.


Successfully managing a hospice agency involves a million moving parts. Education is one of the many unseen gears that keep your agency moving. Failure to provide documentation education to your clinical team can lead to patient and employee dissatisfaction, loss of revenue and fragmentation of care. A leading challenge in hospice is to find the time to educate.


This 45-minute presentation can help to provide a framework for documentation, leading to reduction in payment denials. It covers a wide range of topics for Nurses, Social Workers and Chaplains, including what to assess, how to document measurable data, how to define goals for care and the importance of documenting your valuable interventions.


This web-based presentation can be viewed and reviewed unlimited times by unlimited staff for $300 annually. All your team has to do is click on your link from anywhere with an internet connection and a computer. Please visit this link for a demonstration. 

To order, please call us or send a request for information.

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