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Hospice Mock Surveys

Wherever you are in your survey cycle, now is the perfect time for a mock survey. A mock survey can be useful in official survey preparation, an opportunity to validate sustained compliance, identify opportunities for improvement, engage your staff in the process and improve outcomes. With the challenge of staying current on new standards and more stringent application of existing standards, a mock survey can be extraordinarily beneficial to your organization.  Pre-survey preparation is one of the most effective tools we have to weather today’s regulatory climate. Mock surveys identify opportunities for improvement and mitigate deficiencies before surveyors arrive.


One way to get an objective perspective and to minimize survey-risk is to have the mock survey conducted by someone external to your organization.  This could be an experienced, well-informed professional consultant. A mock survey can be an opportunity to take a fresh look at systems, procedures and processes of care, and identify potential survey-risk areas. Consultants are trained to work and think like a surveyor and have a greater knowledge of the “hot” survey issues.


A mock survey serves many purposes, including:


  • Helping to prepare for a DADS or accreditation survey

  • Assessing your agency’s strengths and gaps, identifying areas of non-compliance so they can be prioritized

  • Revealing how staff will function under stressful circumstances

  • Providing immediate coaching, mentoring and feedback

  • Providing resources, solutions and solid ideas for compliance

  • Providing detailed solutions and proven programs for corrections

  • Developing strategies for when actual surveyors arrive

  • Develop Quality Assessment Performance Improvement (QAPI) plans

  • Improving actual survey outcomes and confidence


The following are areas that your consultant can review as part of a mock survey process:


Patient documentation

Personnel/volunteer records and education

QAPI Program

Bereavement Program

Volunteer Program

Required postings

Pre-billing activities

Admission packet compliance

Infection Control Program

Board compliance

Contract review

Policies and procedures


Hospice Advantage Solutions will tailor a mock survey just for your organization. We will conduct tracers, review documents, interview team members, provide instant education, identify and strategize about risk reduction and so much more.

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