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Project Management

What is Project Management?


Project Management is the science and art of organizing the components of a project. A project is temporary in that it has a defined beginning and end time with a goal, defined in terms of outcomes or benefits. It is also unique in that it is not part of a routine operation. Instead it has a specific set of operations designed to accomplish a singular goal. It differs from routine “management” in that it has a final goal and finite time span, unlike management, which is an ongoing process.


Project Management, then, is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to create a project. It draws on integration, cost, human resources, stakeholder management, scope, quality, time and risk management. All management roles within a hospice are concerned with these, of course. But Project Management brings a unique focus, shaped by goals, resources and schedule.


How can your agency use Project Management?


Projects require that a person or people focus on specific project objectives. Objectives may be expressed in terms of outputs (such as a fully functional EMR system), outcomes (such as 100% compliance in a specific regulation or deficiency), benefits (such as having a smooth transition into a new phase) or strategic objectives (such as improving the bottom line).


A project’s implementation strategies and skills involve the ability to see both the forest and the trees simultaneously.  This is possible with the consultant’s years of experience in agency settings. Let us initiate, plan, execute and close your project. Onsite and offsite Project Management available.


Common Projects

  • Program Setup

  • Hospice Program

  • QAPI Program

  • Volunteer Program

  • Bereavement Program

  • Education Program

  • Traveling Patient Program

  • Onboarding/Orientation Program

  • Nursing Peer Review Committee



  • Education Plan

  • Disaster Plan

  • Plans of Correction

  • Plan for employees who score low on competencies

  • Monitoring plans after deficiencies


Manuals and Handbooks

  • Patient and Caregiver Handbook

  • Employee Handbook

  • Operations Manual


Reviews and Responses

ADR Response



  • Electronic medical record setup

  • Hospice Item Set setup

  • Facility education

  • Contracted entity education

  • Budget development

  • Pharmacy/DME/Supply review

  • Prepayment activities for billing

  • Hospice dashboards (spreadsheets for tracking referrals, admissions, discharges, lengths of stay, recertifications, F2F visits)

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