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Hospice Staff Education

Engage clinical and operational decision makers and direct care staff in educational topics that are applicable, relevant and interesting. Let Hospice Advantage Solutions provide the tools, education and support to promote success in an increasingly more complex healthcare industry. Agency-wide, on-site inservices and one-on-one coaching with key team members benefit your team and your agency.


Customize your topics, sit back and let an experienced hospice educator do the rest.



  • General documentation (geared toward better outcomes in billing claims, ICD-10 changes and ADRs)

  • Relatedness/unrelatedness (including medications)

  • Comorbids and secondary conditions

  • Plans of Care and the IDT (IDG) meeting

  • Coordination of care

  • Discharges, transfers and revocations (and documentation requirements)

  • Pain assessment, interventions and documentation

  • Respiratory assessment, interventions and documentation

  • Scales (FLACC, FAST, PPS, BMI), their importance and documentation

  • Trends in hospice, including the FY 2017 Wage Index



  • Director of Nursing training

  • Administrator training

  • Cost containment

  • Compliance

  • Pre-billing activities related to ICD-10

  • Denials prevention techniques

  • Hospice CAPs

  • Technical elements (contracts, certification, face to face)

  • Development and implementation of the QAPI Program

  • Development and implementation of the Bereavement Program

  • Development and implementation of the Volunteer Program

  • Development and implementation of the Emergency Preparedness Plan

  • Survey preparation


Let Hospice Advantage Solutions increase your clinical and operational success with educational solutions that meet your unique business objectives.

Suggested Topics

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